IPL Laser Treatments

IPL Laser Treatments

An IPL Photofacial is a type of treatment used to help improve the texture and tone of skin. This technology involves using an intense pulsed light (IPL) device to send out pulses of energy into the skin that target certain areas where there may be discoloration, signs of aging or blemishes. It is often referred to as a “laser facial” since it works similarly to laser treatments in that it uses energy to stimulate the production of collagen, which results in clearer skin with improved tone and texture.

At Defy Medical Spa, we offer IPL Photofacials for our clients looking to restore their skin’s youthful appearance. The devices used are all FDA approved and have been specially designed to target melanin, which is responsible for the darker pigments in skin. The light energy emitted by the device breaks down the discoloration in these areas, resulting in a more even complexion.

In addition to reducing dark spots and age spots, IPL Photofacials can also help treat sun damage, rosacea, and other skin concerns such as acne scarring. This treatment can improve texture by stimulating collagen production and helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

IPL Photofacials are considered safe for all skin types and tones because they use heat-based energy instead of a laser’s single wavelength of light. Before beginning treatment, we always start with an initial consultation to discuss any existing skin conditions and goals that the patient has in mind. We also determine the best settings for each individual based on their unique needs.

During a typical IPL Photofacial treatment, clients can expect to feel some slight warmth from the light energy but should not experience any pain or discomfort. After the session is complete, it is important to take good care of your skin by avoiding direct sun exposure (wearing sunscreen) and staying hydrated. Results are typically seen within 2-3 weeks after the first treatment with continued improvement over time as collagen production increases.

At Defy Medical Spa, we are proud to offer our clients IPL Photofacials to help improve tone, texture and discoloration of their skin safely and effectively. If you’re looking to reduce signs of aging, improve skin texture and achieve a more even complexion, this may be the perfect treatment for you! Give us a call today and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about IPL Photofacials.

IPL can treat:

The IPL Laser uses a variety of frequencies of light waves to treat the skin in a variety of ways including:

- Hair Removal
- Skin Rejuvenation
- Skin Tightening
- Acne
- Rosacea
- Small Vascular Skin Lesions

- Acne Scars
- Laxity
- Droopy Eyelids
- Hyperpigmentation
- Visible Pores
- Some Birthmarks


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